Great physiotherapy care restores your freedom and ability to move comfortably and do the things you love. From the first few steps of life to our golden years, we use our clinical expertise to deliver the best outcomes for our patients.

Sports Injuries

When an injury is not well managed, the consequences can last a lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to implement a timely and effective treatment plan to restore your full function and get you back to enjoying your favourite sports. Your treatment will focus on:

  • – Reducing pain and stiffness
  • – Improving the range of motion in your joints
  • – Decreasing muscular tightness
  • – Improving strength
  • – Correcting muscular imbalances
  • – Working to correct the cause of the problem so it doesn’t recur in the future

Injury Prevention

By identifying any abnormalities and weaknesses within the body and pairing it with your injury history, we’re able to assess your risk for future injuries and conditions that arise from repetitively overusing your bones, joints and muscles, such as in running. We then work with you to correct those abnormalities to reduce that risk and improve your performance.

Tension Headaches (cervicogenic headaches)

Tension headaches are one of the most common types of headaches and often result from referred pain in the neck. By identifying the musculoskeletal cause and treating it, we’re able to alleviate your headache symptoms and help to prevent them from causing you ongoing pain in the future. This often involves:

  • – Massage and manipulation of the affected, tense muscles
  • – Restoring the full range of motion where restrictions are present
  • – Using exercises improve muscle strength and correct posture, thereby relieving symptoms and prevent future recurrence

Clinical Pilates & Core Strength Training

Clinical pilates works to re-educate and retrain your posture and movement to help both new and long-standing injuries. It involves targeting specific areas of the body to build strength, improve flexibility, increase muscle control and gain greater postural awareness. Combining these rehabilitation techniques with pilates is an effective method to help you recover faster, improve your fitness, and help you stay healthy, happy and active.

Postural Training

Poor posture is damaging and plays a large role in many neck and back problems. Poor posture can cause structural misalignments and muscular imbalances which can cause pain and have a direct impact on our overall health and well-being. From children to older adults, it’s crucial to develop solid postural foundations and treat any problems arising from poor posture, as well as the postural habits themselves.

Muscle Imbalance

With every movement we make, our muscles are working together in groups that produce that controlled, smooth action without undue stress or damage to the body. A muscle imbalance occurs when one muscle group overpowers another that is involved in helping perform the same movement. This often leads to injury, including joint dysfunctions, ligament tears, sprains, and misalignment of the bones.


Every massage is specifically targeted to your specific injury or problem. Tailored massage works treat pain, relieve tension, improve relaxation, reduce stiffness in muscles and joints, improve circulation and generally optimise your recovery so you can start feeling the results in the shortest time.

Pre & Post-Surgical Care

Surgery has a massive impact on the body and the surgical site. Following your surgery, your movement and strength will be significantly impaired. We work with you after surgery to improve your strength, range of motion, balance and flexibility at the right pace to reduce your pain and facilitate your return to regular, healthy movement.

We think of working together before surgery like training for a marathon. We help prepare you for the best outcomes on event (surgery) day, and help you to achieve the best outcomes after surgery.

Ergonomics & Manual Handling

Ergonomics and manual handling teach you how to work comfortably and reduce your injury risk at work. This information is tailored specifically to your industry at the regular activities you undertake, whether that be sitting at your desk or lifting moderately heavy boxes. By making small adjustments to the way you move, you’re able to create healthy, lifelong habits that improve your comfort, decrease your pain and help prevent injuries. We offer this training for individuals and large companies, both as part of health and safety training inductions and to improve morale and safety in the workplace.

Return To Work

When accidents and injuries occur, they can keep us out of work for weeks and months at a time. Because of the highly varying demands of different jobs, it’s important to have an optimised recovery plan that focuses on enabling you to perform your specific work duties comfortably. We work with you to help reduce pain, improve movement and facilitate your return to work as seamlessly as possible.