Nerve Pain

Our nerves are fragile structures present all around our body. They work to send pain messages to the brain and hence are the reason we feel pain when we hurt ourselves. When the nervous system is damaged, problems with transmitting messages and signals to the brain can occur. This means we can begin feeling pain and other symptoms even when there is no stimulus or reason for us to do so.


So, what causes the damage to our nervous system?

Damage to the nervous system is usually caused by either injury or disease. Injury can include trauma, such as getting hit in an area that compresses and damages the nerves. It can also include poor posture, because of the strain placed on the nerves repetitively over time.

Disease includes conditions like diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, shingles and much more. It can also occur from treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery, as well as alcoholism.


What does nerve pain feel like?

Sensations like tingling and pins and needles are very typical signs of nerve damage. Other common symptoms include:

  • – Burning pain
  • – Shooting pain that feels like electricity
  • – Numbness
  • – Weakness in the affected areas
  • – Night pain
  • – Pain that comes on with no noticeable stimulus, even at night in bed