Appointment Information

Your First Appointment

During your first appointment, we’ll find out what’s going on, why it happened, and all the ways it has affected your body. We’ll then formulate your treatment plan based on our findings and your goals, and start you on the road to recovery!

What To Bring

Please bring any relevant imaging and test results you’ve had, a list of any medications you’re taking and some loose clothing, like shorts and a t-shirt, for your examination.

Don’t worry, your appointment is all yours

Working one-on-one with you allows us to spend the time we need to give you the best care and maximise your treatments. That’s why we guarantee that: 

  •                               – Your one-on-one appointment is completely dedicated to you
  •                               – We will not share your appointment time treating other patients
  •                               – We will not leave you alone on machines


Hands-On Care, Lifelong Learning

Our treatment plans often follow a natural progression from hands-on rehabilitation to teaching you exactly what you need to be doing to continue your recovery from home well into the future. When you understand what caused your injury and why, you’re empowered to make the right best choices for your health.

And You’re Open Saturdays?

We sure are! Bookings are essential so make sure to give us a call to check availability.

Terms & Conditions

We have a list of terms and conditions available to read prior to your appointment. You can view them here.