Appointment Information

appointmentWhat you can expect

When you book with us, your appointment time is dedicated to you. You’ll get one-to-one treatment with a physiotherapist, covering assessment and treatment. You won’t share your time with other patients, you won’t be left alone on a machine.


Initial consultation (45–60 min consultation recommended)

Your initial consultation will start with a few questions about your current condition and any past injuries, pain or medical conditions. We’ll then go through your goals before the physical assessment begins. Once we’ve assessed the cause of your discomfort, we will start you on your treatment plan to begin your recovery without delay.


Follow-up Appointments

After your initial consultation, we may recommend undergoing follow up treatment for your condition. Even if the pain and discomfort has subsided, there may still be underlying issues just waiting to rise to the surface. By running the full course of your treatment, you’ll drastically reduce the likelihood of aggravating your injury again and again.

At these sessions, your progress will be reviewed and your treatment plan updated to ensure you get the most out of it.

Ongoing maintenance

As you improve and become more independent with your self-treatment and management, you can keep on top of your progression with a maintenance session.

Here we’ll do a review, treat any areas that are causing problems and progress your exercises and self-management techniques.


Saturday clinics

For the weekend warriors, we are open by appointment on Saturday mornings to treat any immediate injuries from your weekend endeavours or if you are unable to attend during the week. Bookings are essential, but same-day appointments may be available.