Restore Motion Physiotherapy

Results Driven, Hands On Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Restore Motion Physiotherapy was established to provide effective one-on-one physiotherapy treatments centered around you.
We are passionate about helping you reduce pain and restore motion as quickly as possible.
We do this by completing a thorough assessment, taking into account past injuries and medical history, to get to the underlying cause of your condition. We will discuss the findings with you and work with you to achieve your future goals.
Initial treatment will involve reducing your current symptoms (reduce pain, increase movement).
As you progress, we will continue to reassess and moniter results, adjusting treatments to suit. Treatment will focus on the underlying cause of your problem to help prevent recurring and ongoing issues.
We will provide effective hands on treatments. We incorporate interactive and tailored home exercise programs. We will help you understand your condition, teach you how to do self-treatment techniques wich can help prevent further injuries and recurring pain.
We will refer you on for further opinion and/or investigations if required or if we feel your condition is not progressing as expected.

We have had great results helping people who have not had success with previous treatments elsewhere such as recurring injuries/sports injuries, ongoing back and neck pain, and chronic pain.

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Contact Details

07 3394 1434
634 Logan Road, Greenslopes, Qld 4120