Appointment Information

appointmentAppointment Information

Initial Appointments are 45minutes or 60minute depending on your situation.

At Restore Motion Physiotherapy, we understand that you may have more than one area of pain or concern that you want to discuss with the Physio. This is why we allow 45-60minutes for your first appointment.

Your Physio will ask you some questions about your current condition and any past injuries, pain and medical history. The Physio will also ask you about your goals and what you want to achieve from your treatment.

We will carry out a physical assessment (special tests on the area of concern, posture, strength and movement of muscle, joints and nerves).

Initial treatment will be started at your first visit so you can get started on your recovery as soon as possible.

Follow Up Standard Consultation 45 minutes

Review,  treatment and progression of exercise as able.

Follow Up Extended Consultation / Multi-Area  60 minutes  75minutes

If you would like more time,have more than one area to treat or have a complex condition the Extended Consultation is recommended.

Maintenance 30 minutes

As you improve and become more independent with your self treatment and management, you can keep on top of your progression with a maintenance session.

Here we can do a review, treat any areas that are cauing problems and progress your exercise and self managemetn techniques

Saturday Sports Injury and Pain Clinic Greenslopes

By Appointment Only. Same day appointments welcome. Please phone 3394 1434 for availability

Shorter Appointment times are also available to assess and manage new/acute injuries eg. a newly sprained ankle help prevent further pain or injury in these early stages.

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